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Newspapers by County

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Jefferson County


The Brockway Record(general)(1925-1973; 1988-1992)

Earlier Title: Brockwayville Record


Brockwayville Record (general) (1901-1925)

Earlier Title: Weekly Record

Later Title: The Brockway Record

Weekly Record (general) (1887-1901)

Later Title: Brockwayville Record


Brookville Democrat (1878-1885)

Later Title: The Jeffersonian-Democrat

Brookville Republican (1863-1868; 12/24/1873; 1928; 1932-1934)

Brookville Republican (1836-1837)

Daily Brookville Jeffersonian (A.M.E. church) (1859)

The Backwoodsman (general) (04/05/1842; 04/26/1842)

Later Title: The Jeffersonian

The Brookville American (general) (1918-1931; 1934-1993)

The Brookville Gazette (general) (04/11/1833)

The Brookville Jeffersonian (general) (1855; 1859; 1861-1862)

Earlier Title: The Jeffersonian

The Jefferson Star (general) (09/07/1851)

The Jeffersonian (general) (1834-1835)

The Jeffersonian (general) (1871-1875)

The Jeffersonian (general) (1854-1855)

Later Title: The Brookville Jeffersonian

The Jeffersonian-Democrat (1885-1983; 1985-2020)

Earlier Title: Brookville Democrat


Punxsutawny News (general) (1889-1912; 1928-1932)

Earlier Title: The Valley News

Punxsutawny Plaindealer (general) (1868-1871)

Later Title: The Plaindealer

The Plaindealer (general) (06/22/1871-10-05-1871)

Earlier Title: Punxsutawny Plaindealer

The Punxsutawny Spirit (general) (8/15/1945)

Online Access: 1885-1916

State Library Database: 1906-1967

Later Title: The Spirit

The Spirit (general) (1977-current)

State Library Database: 1967-2013

Earlier Title: The Punxsutawny Spirit


The Reynoldsville Star (general) (1974-1986; 1990-1992)

Earlier Title: The Star

The Star (general) (1892-1945)

Online Access: 1892-1910

State Library Database: 1892-1910 as Reynoldsville Star

Later Title: The Reynoldsville Star


Sykesville Post-Dispatch (general) (8/17/1945; 1990-1992)

Juniata County


Democrat and Register (3/22/1871; 1874; 1878-1880; 1891-1893; 1900-1902)

Earlier Title: Juniata Register; Juniata True Democrat

Later Title: The Juniata Star The Star Democrat

Juniata Aurora, and Perry & Mifflin County Advertiser (general) (6/26/1840; 2/9/1841)

Juniata Journal (general) (9/1/1835; 5/3/1836)

Later Title: Lewistown Gazette, and Mifflin & Juniata Advertiser

Juniata Register (general) (12/21/1864; 1/25/1865)

Earlier Title: Tuscarora Register

Later Title: Democrat and Register; Juniata True Register

Juniata Sentinel (general) (1847; 11/7/1849; 4/30/1850; 1851; 1857; 1863-1868; 1870-1871)

Online Access: 1864-1873

State Library Database: 1864-1873 as Mifflintown Juniata Sentinel

Later Title: Juniata Sentinel and Republican

Juniata Sentinel and Republican (1873-1908; 1912-1930; 1934-1938)

Online Access: 1873-1899

State Library Database: 1873-1900 as Mifflintown Juniata Sentinel and Republican

Earlier Title: The Juniata Republican; Juniata Sentinel

Later Title: The Juniata Sentinel

Juniata Telegraph and People's Advocate (general) (1831)

Juniata Times (general) (7/18/1845)

Earlier Title: Spirit of the Times, and Democratic Press

Later Title: The Pennsylvania Register

Juniata Tribune (general) (1918-1932; 1962-1970)

Earlier Title: Juniata Tribune and Star Democrat

Later Title: Juniata Journal

Juniata True Democrat (1865-1866)

Later Title: Democrat and Register; Juniata Register

Mifflin Eagle (general) (11/15/1817; 10/7/1820; 9/27/1823; 4/9/1825)

Later Title: Mifflin Eagle and Lewistown Intelligencer

Pennsylvania Register and Juniata Advertiser (general) (1848-1849)

Earlier Title: The Pennsylvania Register

Later Title: The Juniata Register

Republican Banner (10/12/1875)

Spirit of the Times, and Democratic Press (10/20/1842)

Later Title: Juniata Times

The Juniata Herald (general) (1889; 1894-1895; 1898-1899; 1903-1905; 1909-1911)

The Juniata Journal (general) (1925-1928)

The Juniata Register (general) (1849-1851)

Earlier Title: Pennsylvania Register and Juniata Advertiser

Later Title: Tuscarora Register

The Juniata Republican (1866-1871)

Later Title: Juniata Sentinel; Juniata Sentinel and Republican

The Juniata Sentinel (general) (1976-2020)

Earlier Title: Juniata Sentinel and Republican

The Juniata Star (general) (1897-1906)

Later Title: Democrat and Register; The Star Democrat

The Juniata Tribune (general) (1891-1896; 1900-1916)

Later Title: Juniata Tribune and Star Democrat; The Star Democrat

The Sentinel & Advertiser (general) (6/21/1848)

The Star Democrat (general) (1906-1916)

Earlier Title: Democrat and Register

Later Title: The Juniata Tribune

Tuscarora Register (general) (1852-1855)

Earlier Title: The Juniata Register

Later Title: Juniata Register

Port Royal

Juniata News (general) (5/7/1870)

The Port Royal Times (general) (1876-1891; 1904-1915; 1931-1976)

Later Title: The Times

The Times (general) (1989-2004)

Earlier Title: The Port Royal Times