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Basics for Commonwealth Employees on Accessing State Library Resources

Basics needed for new State Library account holders


You've heard that the State Library has a lot of great sources for you to use on your job and your own lifelong learning. This guide is for new users to the State Library to learn what we have and what we can do for you!

Services for State Employees

How do I ?

To sign into the State Library's catalog in order to access electronic content:

  • Go to the online catalog at the State Library of PA by clicking on the icon that says "Resources"
  • Click on the upper right-hand side of the catalog where the phrase says "sign-in"
  • your "User ID" is your account number that was mailed to you or the barcode on the back of your library card
  • Password  is your last name (do not use hyphens in the name) and capitalize the first letter of your last name

See Powerpoint in the "Getting Through the State Library Website" on this guide if you need visual clues

To look for the journals that the State Library has in print, microfilm or electronically, the best place is at our online catalog. Here are the instructions of how to search for what the library has:

  • At the State Library’s webpage ( ) go on the right-hand side to the box that says “Resources”
  • Click on the box marked  “Catalog”
  • Once in the catalog, go to the top of the page and look for the phrase “Journal Search”
  • Put in a single word or phrase or the exact title of the journal/magazine you are looking for
  • Results will appear with the name of the journal/magazine the library has and whether it is available electronically

To see visually how to do this, refer to the Powerpoint in this guide "Getting through the State Library Website".

Commonwealth employees with a State Library account may request books or articles through Interlibrary loan.

For articles, you may use ILL form for articles

For books, you may use ILL form for books

A  service that the State Library will perform for Commonwealth employees is to UPS the book to the home address on the employee's account. When notified that the book has arrived at the State Library, contact for the book to be shipped to you via UPS. The return packaging and label will be included so all you have to do is return the book through a UPS store, Staples, or other UPS drop site.

For books, Commonwealth employees may also request through EZBorrow. See the EZBorrow tab on this guide on how to search and request books. The books will be sent to the State Library in Harrisburg. Employees may request the book to be delivered by UPS as explained above. 

EZBorrow is a service that allows Commonwealth employees to search and request books be sent to the State Library in Harrisburg. 


Go to the Instructions for EZBorrow page on the State Library's website for instructions on how to search and request books.

These books may also be sent by UPS to your home address. When you are contacted that the book is at the State Library, email that you wish the book to be sent to you by UPS.  


Please contact the State Library if  you have questions about our services

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Interlibrary loan (ILL):

Law (looking for legal documents or information):

General Reference (or I don't know where to start):