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Rachel Carson

Life of Rachel Carson on the 60th anniversary of the publication of "Silent Spring"

Introduction to Silent Spring Anniversary

June 30, 2022 celebrates the 60th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson's groundbreaking work Silent Spring.  

Rachel Carson was born in Springdale, Pennsylvania and went on to achieve success as a scientist and early environmentalist. Read through the resources in the guide to learn more about her extraordinary life, career, and writings.

What did Rachel Carson Look Like?

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson at Hawk Mountain

One of Rachel Carson's favorite places to visit was Hawk Mountain in Kempton, PA in Berks County

Biographical Information about Rachel Carson

Rachel Louise Carson (1907 - 1964) was a biologist, writer, and environmental activist. Most of Carson's writing expressed her love of nature and concern for future generations. With language that was both poetic and compelling, she inspired people to become interested in the natural world. Her book Silent Spring alerted the public to the dangers of using chemical pesticides carelessly. Carson’s work influenced the global environmental and conservation movements.  - courtesy of the National Park Service

Books by Rachel Carson

These titles are just a few from the State Library. Please visit State Library to search more more resources. Find more information about Rachel Carson or the subjects brought up in Silent Spring by using these phrases when searching. 

  • Rachel Carson 1907-1964
  • Nature--Protection
  • Pesticides and wildlife


Books about Rachel Carson

The books are both from the collections of the State Library of Pennsylvania and discovered through Power Library. The Power Library is available to Pennsylvanians with a library card. 

Books and articles about Rachel Carson for students

These are a few of the books discovered in the Power Library. The resources of the Power Library are available to all Pennsylvanians with a library card or an ecard may be created for use on the electronic resources in the Power Library. If the books are not in your library then ask if you can borrow then from another library. Check with your local library about this great resource.

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The article profiles biologist Rachel Carson and her 1962 book "Silent Spring."

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The articles are gathered from the Power Library. This source is available to any Pennsylvanian with a public library card. A person may also create an ecard to access materials just on the Power Library.

Webpages about Rachel Carson