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Annual Report Overview and FAQ

A resource for general information and frequently asked questions revolving around Pennsylvania's Annual Report (Public Library Survey).

Annual Report Overview

Annual Report Overview

You can view instructions and FAQs for Annual Report sections on the left-hand sidebar.

To access supporting documents, visit the supporting documents page here

Here are the data elements for the 2023 Reporting Year.

PA Public Library Survey Overview & Instructions 2023

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Why complete the Annual Report? 

State requirement – Information from the report is used to determine state aid eligibility and the maintenance of standards to receive state aid.

PA Statute (24 PA C.S.)

  • § 9333. State system of aid to libraries. 
  • (a) Establishment. --A system of State aid to assist in the support and maintenance of local libraries, county libraries, library systems, district library centers and Statewide library resource centers is established. 
  • (b) Aid available to any local library or library system. --Subject to the standards and eligibility requirements under this chapter, the following categories of aid are available to any local library or Library systems
    • (1) Quality libraries aid under section 9334 (relating to quality libraries aid). 
    • (2) Incentive for excellence aid under section 9335 (relating to incentive for excellence aid). 
    • (3) Equal distribution grants under section 9336 (relating to equal distribution grants). 
    • (4) Equalization aid under section 9340 (relating to equalization aid).

PA Regulation (22 Pa Code) 

  • § 131.32. Proof of eligibility. To show that the library meets the requirements for eligibility in Article III of The Library Code (24 P.S. § § 4301—4304) [Subchapter C. State Aid To Libraries 24 PA C.S. §§9331 – 9344], supporting documents shall be submitted as follows (3) Statistical report. An annual State statistical report shall be submitted as required by the State Library

National tools – information from the report contributes to a national file of public library data that will be available to the library research community, state and federal policy makers, private grant officers, and other interested users.

Advocacy – information from the report can be used to support the need for more state funding, used by local libraries to show trends and usage to request increased support from municipalities, grant funders, and community organizations.

Local Decision Making – use the data and annotations within the report to make decisions about the services, programs, budgetary needs for the future as well as providing a picture of your library in a given year – a snapshot of what happed in the year to share with interested parties.


Helpful Hints

•    Discuss the Annual Report with your staff, share the purpose of data collection.  If they understand the reason for collecting the data, you will get better data from them.
•    Gather data throughout the year in a process that is appropriate for your library or system. Work with your system administrator (or district consultant if not part of a system) to coordinate consistent methods of collecting data where possible. 
•    Attend Annual Report trainings when offered and review the information posted on the State Aid Annual Report LibGuide each year.  There are constantly changes made to the report either for federal reporting purposes, state purposes, or for clarity. 
•    Start inputting data into LibPAS as soon as you have data ready.  Don’t procrastinate until the last minute as it only causes more stress for you, your staff, and others involved in the submission and review process.
•    Ask questions and give feedback.  Utilize this LibGuide to review descriptions of data elements and to find answers to frequently asked questions, refer to training recordings if available, and seek assistance from your system administrator or district consultant.  If the information cannot be found within these resources, please reach out to us so we can address the issue.  It is highly possible that if you are having an issue, so are other people across the state.  Once we know about an issue, we can address it for everyone, if pertinent.  It will help us know what needs fixed within the report, what more discussions need to occur, and what information we need to communicate.

Steps to Completing the Annual Report – PA Public Library Survey

Completing the report involves several steps, only one of which is entering data online.  These steps include: 
•    Review and understand the data elements being collected within the report. Take time to read over the questions and descriptions for each annual report section to enter accurate and appropriate data. 
•    Collect financial, service, and staff information required to complete the Annual Report.
•    Enter data into LibPAS (Library Performance Assessment Solutions). Use the internal private note field to record processes and comments that will help you understand where to find the data that should be entered.  Use the external public annotations to explain nuances of the data entered. 
•    Review and verify the data entered into LibPAS and revise as necessary.
•    Submit the annual report in LibPAS by the designated deadline.
•    Respond to correction/review requests from the District Consultant, System Administrator, or State Aid in a timely manner.