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Bureau of Library Development


Governor's Advisory Council on Library Development

The Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) on Library Development is established by the Public Library Code (24 PA.C.S. Education § 9312.). It has twelve members who are appointed by the Governor.

The GAC’s duties include advising and making recommendations to the Governor, the Secretary of Education, and the Deputy Secretary for Libraries regarding the State Library of Pennsylvania’s policies and operations as well as Pennsylvania’s system of aid to libraries. 

Regular meetings are open to the public.

For more information about the GAC’s responsibilities refer to the Public Library Code (24 PA.C.S. Education § 9312.)

Guidelines from the Governor’s Advisory Council

Office of Commonwealth Libraries Policies, Processes, and Procedures

  • While these vary widely, they may include interpretations of requirements in the statutes and regulations that are in conflict with each other, and specific guidelines on completing state reports.  
  • District consultants should take time to read communications from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries and be ready to provide guidance and advise libraries within their district.
  • Waivers:  
    • Policies from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries also include guidance on the specific process of applying for waivers of standards for public library service. 
    • While the actual details of the process to apply may change from year to year, district consultants should work with their libraries to ensure that:
    1. Library boards are aware of where libraries are currently not in compliance with standards.
    2. That the library has a plan to bring their library back into compliance. 
    • Provides guidelines for system boards to execute their responsibility for the distribution of state aid to their member libraries. Where does this belong?