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Statewide STEAM for Libraries

A resource page for libraries around Pennsylvania. Contains materials from both the State Library of Pennsylvania and other organizations.


"“Architecture is the thoughtful making of spaces. It is the creating of spaces that evoke a feeling of appropriate use.”

Louis I. Kahn                                                           

Architecture, in library STEAM programs, can be a major home run. It hits all five letters of STEAM, is low prep and requires little knowledge of the subject, and is high engagement for kids, teens, and adults. The unit and activities here are just a taste of the possibilities, and are intended to be low prep, and can be grab and go.

It is entirely possible to work in Architecture without a degree. A good look at some jobs in Architecture that do not require a degree can be found on These jobs are not Construction work, which has its own section.

If you have upper middle school and high school kids who want a bit more in depth, I highly recommend Diversify Architecture, who provide curriculum, supplies, and experts for clubs.