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Office of Commonwealth Libraries Five Year Plan

This guide outlines the Office of Commonwealth Libraries Five Year Plan from 2023-2027.

Statewide Studies and Assessments

  1. Adopt the recommended mission and vision for district services.
  2. Share a statewide and localized vision for optimal cooperative library services.
  3. District Library Center requirements in Code and associated regulations should be revised and expanded beyond libraries, allowing other qualified entities to provide services.
  4. Revise district service boundaries.
  5. Fund the eight underfunded rural Districts at the $200,000 minimum specified in the Library Code.
  6. Clarify and define expectations and accountability for district services.
  7. Define job descriptions and compensation for district consultants.
  8. Establish a consulting consortium of professional expertise for complex situations in areas of personnel, law, and finance.
  9. Explore the impact of changing state funding of district services from a subsidy to a non-subsidy appropriation, which could impact accountability and service.
  10. Consider development of a plan to establish county-based systems throughout Pennsylvania.
  11. Establish a plan for addressing areas that are "unserved" - municipalities that opt out of paying a local share for library service.