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Newspaper A-Z Town List

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Tionesta - Towanda - Tower City


Saturday Courier (general) (04/06/1872)

Later Title: Tamaqua Courier

Tamaqua Recorder (general) (1896-1899)

The Evening Courier (general) (1901-1971)

Earlier Title: The Tamaqua Courier

Later Title: The Times News-Record & Courier; Times News & Record

The Tamaqua Courier (general) (1873-1900)

Earlier Title: The Anthracite Monitor

Later Title: The Evening Courier


The Valley Daily News (general) (1904-1968)

Later Title: The Valley Daily News; Daily Dispatch


The News (general) (1901-1911; 1914-1917)

Earlier Title: The Weekly News

Later Title: The Tidioute Press

The Tidioute Journal (general) (01/05/1872)

Earlier Title: Tidioute Semi-Weekly Journal

Later Title: Tidioute Weekly Journal

The Tidioute Press (general) (1919-1927)

Earlier Title: The News

The Tidioute Tribune (general) (1929-1930; 05/06/1932)

The Weekly News (general) (1875-1900)

Earlier Title: The Warren County News

Later Title: The News

Tidioute Evening Journal (general) (1873)


Democratic Vindicator (general) (1885-1924)

Earlier Title: The Commonwealth

Later Title: The Forest Republican

Forest Press (general) (1867-1874)

Later Title: The Forest Republican

Independent Democrat (general) (05/25/1872)

The Bee (general) (1868-1869)

Later Title: The Forest Republican

The Commonwealth (general) (1880-1885)

Later Title: Democratic Vindicator

The Forest Press (general) (1953-1960; 1962-1963; 1966-1974)

Earlier Title: The Forest Republican

The Forest Republican (1869-1952)

State Library Database: 1870-1914 as Tionesta Forest Republican

Earlier Title: The Bee; Democratic Vindicator; Forest Press

Later Title: The Forest Press


Morning Herald (general) (1866-1869)

State Library Database: 1866-1869 as Titusville Herald

Earlier Title: The Titusville Morning Herald

Later Title: Titusville Morning Herald

The Petroleum World (general) (1881)

State Library Database: 1881 as Titusille Petroleum World

The Titusville Courier (general) (1911-1912)

Online Access: 1911-1912

Earlier Title: The Titusville Herald

The Titusville Herald (general) (1900-1911)

Online Access: 1900-1911

Earlier Title: Titusville Weekly Herald

Later Title: The Titusville Courier

The Titusville Herald (general) (1913-current)

State Library Database: 1913-2021

Earlier Title: Titusville Morning Herald

The Titusville Morning Herald (general) (1865)

State Library Database: 1865 as Titusville Herald

Later Title: Morning Herald

The Titusville World (general) (1894-1895; 1901-1903)

Titusville Morning Herald (general) (1869-1913)

State Library Database: 1869-1913 as Titusville Herald; 1881-1897

Earlier Title: Morning Herald; Titusville Daily Courier

Later Title: The Titusville Herald

Titusville Weekly Herald (general) (1889-1900)

State Library Database: 1898

Earlier Title: Petroleum Reporter; Titusville Weekly Courier

Later Title: The Titusville Herald


The Bradford

Banner and Democrat (general) (1839-1841)

Earlier Title: Northern Banner and Bradford Democrat

Later Title: Northern Banner and Bradford Democrat

Bradford County Republican (1898-1903)

Online Access: 1899

Later Title: Reporter-Journal

Bradford Gazette (general) (1813-1816)

Later Title: The Settler

Bradford Reporter (general) (1844-1884)

Online Access: 1844-1882

State Library Database: 1844-1882 as Towanda Bradford Reporter

Earlier Title: The Bradford Porter

Later Title: Reporter-Journal; Towanda Journal

Bradford Republican (1876-1877; 1879-1892)

Online Access: 1881-1883

State Library Database: 1881-1883 as Towanda Bradford Republican

Later Title: Bradford Semi-Weekly Republican

Bradford Semi-Weekly Republican (1892-1896)

Earlier Title: Bradford Republican

Later Title: Towanda Weekly Review

Bradford Settler (general) (1823-1829)

Earlier Title: The Settler

Later Title: The Northern Banner

Bradford Weekly Republican (1896-1898)

Earlier Title: Bradford Semi-Weekly Republican; Towanda Weekly Review

Later Title: Towanda Daily Review

Reporter-Journal (general) (11/04/1897)

Earlier Title: Bradford Reporter; Towanda Journal

Reporter Journal and Bradford Republican (general) (1903-1912)

Earlier Title: Reporter-Journal

The Bradford Argus (general) (1834-1836; 01/05/1839; 08/22/1840; 1889-1912)

Earlier Title: The Bradford Argus, and Reform Advocate

The Bradford Argus, and Reform Advocate (general) (1834-1836)

Later Title: The Bradford Argus

The Bradford Porter (general) (1842-1844)

Online Access: 1843-1844

State Library Database: 1843-1844 as Towanda Bradford Porter

Earlier Title: The Bradford Porter, and Weekly Visitor

Later Title: Bradford Reporter

The Bradford Porter, and Weekly Visitor (general) (1840-1842)

Later Title: The Bradford Porter

The Bradford Star (general) (1895-1910; 1912)

The Daily Review (daily) (general) (1921-2020)

State Library Database: 1950-2013 as Towanda Daily Review

Earlier Title: Towanda Daily Review

The Daily Review (valley ed.) (daily except Sunday) (general) (1979-2020)

State Library Database:1978-2013

The Farmer's Friend (general) (1990-1996)

The Northern Banner (general) (1833-1837)

Earlier Title: Bradford Settler

Later Title: The Democrat; Northern Banner and Bradford Democrat

The Sunday Review (general) (2021)

State Library Database: 1987 as Towanda Sunday Review

Towanda Daily Review (general) (1879-1883; 1885-1889; 1891-1921)

Online Access: 1879-1881

State Library Database: 1879-1881

Later Title: The Daily Review

Towanda Journal (general) (1874-1875)

Later Title: Bradford Reporter; Reporter-Journal

Towanda Weekly Review (general) (11/12/1886; 1888-1893; 1895)

Later Title: Bradford Semi-Weekly Republican; Bradford Weekly Republican

Tower City

The Echo (general) (1897-1900)

Earlier Title: Valley Echo

Later Title: West Schuylkill Herald

Valley Echo (general) (1882-1890; 1893-1894)

Later Title: The Echo

West Schuylkill Herald (general) (1898-1928; 1930-1974; 1977-1985)

Earlier Title: The Echo


Penn-Trafford Star (general) (2007-current)


The West Schuylkill Press and Pine Grove Herald (general) (1937-1953; 1955-1968)

Earlier Title: Pinegrove Herald; West Schuylkill Press

Later Title: The Press-Herald

West Schuylkill Press (general) (1877-1932; 1935-1937)

Later Title: Pinegrove Herald; The West Schuylkill Press and Pine Grove Herald


New Star (general) (03/06/1845)

The Anti-Masonic Democrat (09/03/1831)

The Democratic Analyzer (general) (1840-1842)

The Troy Banner (general) (1846)

Later Title: The Tioga Banner


North Branch Democrat (general) (1862-1867)

Online Access: 1862-1867

State Library Database: 1862-1867 as Tunkhannock North Branch Democrat

Later Title: Wyoming Democrat

The New Age (general) (02/11/1904)

Earlier Title: The Worker

Later Title: Tunkhannock Republican; Tunkhannock Republican and New Age

The New Age-Examiner (general) (1980-1992; 1998-2020)

Earlier Title: Nicholson Trail Examiner; Tunkhannock New Age

The Wyoming Democrat (general) (1850-1851)

Online Access: 1850-1851

Earlier Title: The Wyoming County Democrat

The Wyoming Patrol, and Republican Standard (general) (06/29/1842)

Tunkhannock New Age (general) (1968-1979)

Earlier Title: Tunkhannock Republican And New Age

Later Title: The New Age-Examiner; Nicholson Trail Examiner

Tunkhannock Republican and New Age (general) (1904-1912; 1930-1940; 1962-1968)

Earlier Title: The New Age; Tunkhannock Republican

Later Title: Tunkhannock New Age

Tunkhannock Republican (general) (1889-1904)

Later Title: The New Age; Tunkhannock Republican and New Age

Wyoming County Press Examiner (general)

State Library Database: 2002-current

Wyoming County Record (general) (1844-1847)

Wyoming County Whig (general) (1849-1850)

Online Access: 1849-1850

State Library Database: 1849-1850 as Tunkhannock Wyoming County Whig

Wyoming Democrat (general) (1867-1871; 1889-1912; 1922-1928)

Online Access: 1867-1869

State Library Database: 1867-1869 as Tunkhannock Wyoming Democrat

Earlier Title: North Branch Democrat

Later Title: The Wyoming Countian


Tyrone Daily Herald (general) (1887-current)

Online Access: 1887-Present

State Library Database: 1882-Present

Tyrone Herald (general) (1867-1918)

Online Access: 1872-1877

State Library Database: 1867-1918

Tyrone Star (general) (1858-1860)

Online Access: 1858

State Library Database: 1858