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Newspaper A-Z Town List

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Clarion of Freedom (general) (1847; 1849)

Indiana and Jefferson Whig (2/13/1826)

Later Title: The American, and Republican Gazette

Indiana County Gazette (weekly) (general) (1890-1904)

State Library Database: 1890-1912

Indiana County Gazette (daily) (general) (1904)

Indiana Evening Gazette (general) (1904-1981)

State Library Database: 1904-1981

Earlier Title: Indiana County Gazette

Later Title: Indiana Gazette

Indiana Gazette (general) (1982-current)

State Library Database: 1982-2020 

Earlier Title: Indiana Evening Gazette

Indiana Times (general) (1889-1912)

Indiana Weekly Register (general) (4/19/1858; 12/7/1858, 11/1/1859)

Earlier Title: Indiana Register

Later Title: The Indiana Register and American; The Indiana True American

The American, Indiana & Jefferson Republican (5/22/1826)

Earlier Title: The American

The Independent (general) (2/12/1859)

The Indiana Democrat (1862-1869; 1872-1912; 1914-1915; 1928; 1932-1932; 1936-1937)

State Library Database: 1862-1867

The Indiana Messenger (general) (1862-1871; 1874)

State Library Database: 1862-1874

Earlier Title: Democratic Messenger

Later Title: The Indiana Weekly Messenger

The Indiana Progress (general) (1870-1889; 1891-1892;1894-1945 )

State Library Database: 1870-1937

Earlier Title: Blairsville Press

The Indiana Weekly Messenger (general) (1874-1908; 1910-1930; 1935-1938)

State Library Database: 1874-1938

Earlier Title: The Indiana Messenger

The Little Folks' Progress (general) (12/22/1881)

The Patriot (general) (1914-1955)

Online Access: 1914-1921

State Library Database: 1914-1921 as Indiana Patriot

The Penn (college) (1988)

U., The National College Magazine (college) (1988)



Norwin Star (general) (2007-current)

Republican Standard and Westmoreland Journal (8/17/1945)

Earlier Title: The Republican Standard

Later Title: The Irwin Standard

The Standard Observer (general) (1986-2000)

Earlier Title: The Daily Standard-Observer