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Newspaper A-Z Town List

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Fairfield Herald (general) (1908-1909)


The Guiding Star (general) (1882-1885)


The Farrell Press (general) (1939-1972)

Forest City

Forest City News (general) (1887-1903; 1905-1915; 1917-1987)

Fountain Hill

Fountain Hill News-Telegram (general) (1943)

Later Title: Bethlehem Bulletin


Citizen-Press (general) (1889-1901)

Earlier Title: The Independent Press; The Venango Citizen

Later Title: Venango Citizen-Press

Franklin Evening News (general) (1869-1919)

Earlier Title: The Evening News

Later Title: The News-Herald; Venango Daily Herald

The Democrat & Arch (7/30/1845)

The Democratic Arch (7/11/1842)

Earlier Title: Venango Democrat

The Evening News (general) (1884-1896)

The Franklin Daily Leader (general) (1900-1902)

The Franklin Intelligencer (general) (6/6/1835)

The News-Herald (general) (1919-current)

State Library Database: 1972-2004 as Franklin News Herald

Earlier Title: The Blizzard; Franklin Evening News; Venango Daily Herald

The Venango Spectator (general) (1862-1863; 1865; 1871; 1889-1912)

State Library Database: 1862-1865; 1871

Earlier Title: The Spectator

The Vindicator (temperance) (1911-1916)

Earlier Title: The National Prohibitionist; Venango Vindicator

Venango Citizen-Press (general) (1901-1912)

Earlier Title: Citizen-Press

Venango Democrat (general) (8/11/1835; 7/7/1840; 1841-1842)

Earlier Title: Venango Herald

Later Title: The Democratic Arch

Venango Herald (general) (2/16/1822; 7/15/1823; 3/9/1824)

Later Title: Venango Democrat

Venango Vindicator (temperance) (1904-1908; 1910)

Later Title: The National Prohibitionist; The Vindicator


Freeland Tribune (general) (1889-1921)

Online Access: 1889-1903

State Library Database: 1889-1903

The Semi-Weekly Progress (general) (1892-1901)

Earlier Title: Freeland Progress


Freeport Journal (general) (1879-1912; 1917-1932)

The Columbian and Freeport-Leechburgh and Warren Advertiser (general) (1841-1842)

The New Era (general) (1872-1875)

Later Title: The Valley Times

The Olive Branch (general) (4/26/1834)

The Valley Times (general) (1876-1880)

Earlier Title: The New Era

Later Title: The Kittanning Times