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Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

Learn about Pennsylvania’s lumber heritage and the birth of modern forestry management. 

This event took place on Thursday, November 18, 2021 

This session was recorded and has been added to the  State Library's Lunch-and-Learn archive online .


Read more about Lumber, Woods, and Forest Management

Continuous-cover management and attractiveness of managed Scots pine forests. Canadian  Journal of Forest Research. v. 50, Issue 8

Forest management, characterized in many northern countries by the predominance of clear cutting and growing even-aged and -sized trees, has simplified the structure of boreal forests. Consequences include alterations in cultural ecosystem services such as forest attractiveness, i.e., combined aesthetic and recreational values. 

Power Library - Environmental Science

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Researching about Lumber and Forest Management at the State Library and other library catalogs

The following subject headings and/or keyword searches may help you locate materials about the early iron industry in Pennsylvania using the State Library catalog or your local library catalog.

Loggers - Pennsylvania

Logging Railroads - Pennsylvania - History

Lumbering - Pennsylvania

Lumbering - Pennsylvania - History