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Cornwall Iron Furnace

Explore the most complete charcoal-fueled iron-making complex in the United States. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021 Discover about the Cornwall Iron Furnace

This session was recorded and has been added to the  State Library's Lunch-and-Learn archive online .


Read More About Iron Furnaces in Pennsylvania

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Read More About the Cornwall iron Furnace

Learn More About Iron Furnaces for Students

Iron furnaceIron Furnace

Researching iron furnaces and iron making at the State Library and other library catalogs

The following subject headings and/or keyword searches may help you locate materials about the early iron industry in Pennsylvania using the State Library catalog or your local library catalog.

Cornwall Furnace (Cornwall, Pa,)
Cornwall Ore Bank
Iron founding
Iron founding -- Pennsylvania
Iron industry and trade -- Pennsylvania -- History
If researching the later steel industry use: Steel industry and trade -- Pennsylvania

Other furnaces may be located using the name of the furnace or surviving site:

Reading Furnace (Pa.)
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site (Pa.)

Later steel companies include:

Pennsylvania Steel Company
Carnegie Steel Company
Bethlehem Steel Company

People associated with Cornwall Iron Furnace include:

Grubb, Peter, 1707 or 1708- approximately 1754
Grubb, Peter, 1740-1786
Grubb, Curttis, 1730-1789
Coleman, Robert, 1748-1825